Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Record online and offline

I was going to write another one of those entries about the Stockton airport, but in turn this became an entry about newspapers.

The Record printed an headline article about SCK two or three days ago, which included a very interesting graphic about the passenger flow. In particular, it showed two important things: 1. The traffic in America West days declined steadily after the first boom, and 2. The traffic that Allegiant generates already outstrips America West's traffic by a factor of 3. The #1 is important because it debunks the legend about the raised landing fees being the reason why America West pulled out.

But as it turned out, I cannot find the graphic to use on this blog. I found an article at, which seems to be the very same article. However, it does not have the graphic in it.

What is it? Another misguided attempt to degrade the online offering in order to boost the paper offering?

It so, it's utterly stupid. I cannot be arsed to raise and go to the library to look up the article. And for sure the old newspapers are gone from the dispensors. What did Record win by doing this exactly? I was kind enough to give them linkage above, but that's only because this is the entry about newspapers, not airport. On the subject matter, their reporting was nothing that Tracy Press didn't do already. All they accomplished is to leave me less inclined to bother with them.

Something for Cheri to think about perhaps.


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