Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Closing of the Mini-Mall

As Inside Bay Area reports, the "mini-mall" at the corner of 11th and Central (actually, Holly, because it's on the north side) was closed by the city authorities for being too shady and unsafe. I was going to visit the place just for the purposes of blogging about it, but I guess it's too late now.

This is also a charming quote:

"We tried to meet their [the city's] deadlines but we're still also trying to figure out other things," Cortes said. "There are 12 families that have businesses there, all minorities, and that's what they live on. We've been closed for two weeks and we're hoping to open as soon as possible."

What difference does it make if they are minorities, majorities, or polka-dot colored? I could understand if she said "poor", because that would actually be relevant. Poor people get it tough, you know. But minorities, what gives? I used to work with a Mexican dude at at Sun who bought a house for $7 million. Identity politics sure warps people's perceptions.


Blogger DickTracy said...

Unfortunately, that's right !
Identity politics is what will bring this country down ! People are people, not red, black, white, yellow, brown , purple etc...

Really pisses me off too whenever some minority starts whining because the rest of us do not lower the standards.


11:00 AM  

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