Sunday, May 20, 2007

Corolla's mileage

I went to L.A. in a rental 2007 Corolla, which allowed me to stage a mileage experiment (rentals come topped off these days). I covered 683 miles and used 20.071 gallons of gas, to the average of 34.03 mpg. Total cost was $70.31. I wasn't driving unnaturally and tried to stay around 76 or 77 mph, sometimes with AC, sometimes with sunroof.

My own car (2006 RAV4) would give about 24 mpg. I can coax it up to 28 by slowing down to 65 mph, but let's assume normal driving. The same trip would use $99.69. So, Corolla saved me about 30 bucks. For comparison, rental cost for 3 days was about $108.

The real reason I took out a rental was that I didn't want to take RAV4 to L.A. where I had to leave it in an open parking. Anyway, it seems that rentals are surprisingly cheap these days.

Unfortunately, our local Toyota's fleet is sort of incomplete. They don't have the new xB.


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