Thursday, May 10, 2007

Speed trap on Stanley

On Tuesday I drove by Stanley on my way home and I saw the most elaborate speed trap ever. I did not have a digital camera ready, so here's my artistic impression of it.

Livermore cops rented a high-lift basket, the kind used by utility workers. A spotter sits in the basket, under a tacky yellow umbrella, and uses a laser gun to pick a victim. Two motorcycle officers are stationed in the trees at the base of the basket and launch to intercept as required. A squad car on a side road backs up the operation in case of an arrest.

I'm wondering how many citations they have to write per hour in order to pay for the operation.

Frankly, it does nothing to improve my opinion about the Livermore and its government.


Blogger DickTracy said...

Stanley blvd sucks !
hey by the way, what is your email address? email me at and let me know

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