Friday, June 15, 2007

Neighbours and being involved

This morning around 8 o'clock, cops hauled away neighbour's car for parking near a hydrant. The car actually belongs to the neighbour's teenage son, by the looks of it (I never asked).

I thought about coming over and pounding on the door, but something stopped me. If there was any immediage danger or a fire, then... I am clearly not neighbourly enough. On the other hand, the towing procedure made awful noise with all the diesel engine running and chain rumble, so it seemed inconceivable that the neighbours would sleep through it, considering that it was right next to the house. I guess being young and healthy has its drawbacks, especially when coupled with wild partying the night before or whatever it was.

When cops took away my car (because they were incompetent and recorded its VIN wrong [link]), my (other) neighbours also discussed letting me know, as it turned out later, but they knew that I was away on a business trip. This guy seems to be away as well... Hmm. What to do?


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