Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pleasanton Singles

I saw a roadside sign, obviously placed without the consent of either City or Caltrans, advertising a website "" ( exists as well and is exactly the same deal). The front for the website asks all sorts of private questions, ostensibly for the purposes of establishing a profile. There is no "about" section. The domain is registered through a proxy in Baroda, Gujarad, India. The server is hosted by The Planet, and belongs to Trusted Signles of Dallas, Texas. That's not so bad, right? Trusted Singles is a well-known name for a company trying to cater to narrow segments. They simultaneously run Republican Singles and Democrat Singles, Starbuck Singles, Christian Singles, and whatever singles.

In some areas they face stiff resistance from established players, for example Gay Singles are well served already. Also any single with two brain cells remaining would know better than fall into a database with low population count.

The question remains though, why does it have to take so much sleuthing to find who is behind Pleasanton/Tracy Singles? Do these people have something to hide?

Another thing, I have had my run-ins with The Planet before. It's a hosting service specializing with hosting dubious websites, spammers, etc. In my specific case it was, a specialized blog scrapper. You only use The Planet if you want to be shielded from abuse complaints.

So, if I were a single, I would stay away from this.


Blogger DickTracy said...

I agree, they have put these little signs up at nearly all exit ramps leading off 580 into pleasanton.. I saw one at the Hacienda Ave exit

7:08 AM  

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