Sunday, June 10, 2007

Tomo Sushi in Pleasanton

I'm your neighbourly connoisseur of Japanese eateries within the driving distance from Tracy, it seems. Today's victim is Tomo Sushi Bar & Grill at 724 Main Street in Pleasanton. We hit them at about 16:33, and there were no other customers.

Unlike the Blue Fin, Tomo is run by actual Japanese. Not sure if I want to speculate about the ethnicity of the sushi chef in Mrs. Takahashi's establishment, but in this case the whole crew (with the exception of one miscellaneous Mexican guy) was Japanese. While we were eating, our waitress boasted how her kids are made to speak Japanese only. "Zettai", she said. Ugh, right.

The fare seems pretty good. Of course, I tried their tonkatsu, as I always do in a new place. The pork was not selected optimally, too white and thus too dry, but a good quality piece. It appears that picking a perfect piece is not very easy, the only restaurant capable of it which I know is Osaka at Filmore in San Francisco. One tonkatsu runs $16 - an average price. Miso soup is somewhat unusual, perhaps made by the chef. They eschew the seaweed for some reason. Tofu is hardly ever present either. I think I like it.

The service was very good, better than average. I cannot be sure that it stays that way when the place fills up, but signs are good. Recommended.


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