Sunday, October 28, 2007

Musashi Restaurant

I finally got to checking out the Musashi. It is located in an obscure corner of a nondescript strip mall at 2203 Tracy Boulevard. It's between Grant Line and the Save Mart, same strip where Radio Shack is. Now that I think about it, Fabio's is situated in the same way. To my greatest surprise, Musashi turned out to be the most pretentious Japanese place in Tracy. It consists of two parts, one is teppanyaki (food juggling), and the other is a kind of a sports bar with a projection TV. The place seem to be wired for parties, with a permanent mixer and sound system. Nobody in our family enjoys teppanyaki, so we went for the normal seating.

Actually, I very nearly walked out because of the loud and silly music that they were playing. Also, they might be streaming it from a shuffle of non-normalized MP3s, because the volume was changing between tracks, which was annoying as hell too. And it wasn't even J-pop. Seriously people, if you want to assault my hearing, do it with some Judy and Mari or KOTOKO at least. OK, I can take Ayumi Hamasaki, or, worst come to worst, Ken Hirai. But they seem to using some very, very obscure stuff from the 90s (I heard one Madonna track, but that was about it).

The food was ok. I don't remember anything especially outstanding. Service was ok too.


Blogger dothedew said...


1.Claiming or demanding a position of distinction or merit, especially when unjustified.
2. Making or marked by an extravagant outward show, ostentatious.

I happen to be a "regular" customer at Musashis for over about 8 years since I moved to Tracy in 1999. Personally, I have never found Musashi restaurant to be "pretentious". Musashi's has never demanded a position or merit unjustifiablly to me or anybody that I know of. (I have many friends that I know of that have been regulars there for a number of years...) I feel that labeling or characterizing Musashis with rhetoric is slandering and defaming. I don't think that it is fair to slander or defame someone or an organization over the internet which is available to the millions of viewers worldwide.
After reading your blog I didn't find anything or anyone at Musashi's that did something wrong to you and your family. Therefore, I don't see any reason why you had to use rhetoric when your objective was solely to critique the restaurant.
Over the 8 years that I have been going to Musashi's, nobody at the restaurant has ever made me feel unimportant as a customer. There is nothing at their restaurant that
is offensive to anyone. If anybody or anything at their restaurant offended you or your family, it would have been more appropriate to bring it to their attention rather than using rhetorical comments about their restaurant over the internet.How would you like it if someone used rhetoric to criticize you on say, "myspace" without your knowledge or consent while literally everyone in the world can see and read it.I don't think you would feel comfortable about the fact that the person wasn't upfront with you to resolve their issue with you first.
By the way, not all of the songs they play there are my style of music but I have been to numerous other Japanese restaurants that play music that I don't prefer. I have been to places that play Jpop, "Korean" style traditional music , alternative rock, elavator music, jazz music,
classical music, Japanese punk/heavy metal name it around the bay area and southern california, I heard them all at all different Japanese restaurants. I want to point out as a customer that 1) There is no "standard" of what kind of music that is played at Japanese restaurants 2) Even if there was, not everyone has to play that kind of music because music is an art that relies on the senses of the listner. Besides, just because there is a "dominant paradigm" doesn't mean that all people need to follow that paradigm 3)If their customers seem to like it or not be bothered by it ,who are we as those who don't share their music taste to set the standard and say that they are not playing "suitable" music there? After all do we have all of the figures and stats of surveys of customers that go to Japanese restaurants? Can we definitively conclude that we all have the same taste in music?
If I were to give a fair critique about a restaurant I think I would simply critique about the food, the atmosphere and the sevice in a non rhetorical way.

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