Tuesday, October 09, 2007

New stop sign at Lincoln

I very nearly ran the new and unexpected stop sign at Lincoln and Beaverly yesterday. I saw some grumbling by jerk-offs who buy houses at 4-lane street then grumble that people drive by in Tracy Press a few months ago. Naturally, the city government was considering anti-driver measures, such as painting narrower lanes. It's a good thing we don't have money for Livermore style road enworsenment from 4 lanes to two. So, now it's a stop sign. Much cheaper than new lane markings too. Let's burn more gasoline on acceleration after stopping!

The point of fact is, Lincoln is a major connecting street. It has only one traffic light whereas the parallel stretch of Corral Hollow has five. Anti-car measures on Lincoln are assinine.

I don't know if Tracy is turning into Patterson just yet: after all we do not build roundabouts just yet. Also, this development comes on the back of speed limit increases last year. But it clearly is a matter of concern for all citizens.


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