Saturday, October 13, 2007

San Jose Japantown

I visited the elusive Japantown in San Jose today. It seems smaller than the one in San Francisco, even though they have their own Nijia Market (no Ichiban Kan though). They do not have the awesome structure that San Francisco possesses. This leads to the most important problem: there is no organized parking, only meters... which only take coins.

We ate in a small joint at 6th, called Minato, which has all the attributes of a 3-rd rate feeding place, but the kitchen was excellent. They used the right piece of a pig for their katsu, and the fish in sashimi was fresh.

One thing though... it looks that we were overcounted. 1 katsudon (9.50), 1 half-and-half sashimi/tempura (11.95), 1 sake (3.50): $24.95. But the bill was for $28.~, then tax to $31.83. I wasn't paying close enough attention, I suppose.


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