Sunday, November 25, 2007

Neighbourhood video store

I don't know just how these establishments stay in business in the age of Neflix, but here we go: there's a video store at the Ace corner of Grant Line and Tracy Boulevard, between Jack in the Box and SpeeDee Lube. The strangeness continues inside as well: they have racks of N64 games, Blu-Ray titles and Anime. Amazing... Their sell prices are fairly steep, for example the Vandread is offered for $30 per DVD, whereas I got them for $16 at DVD Pacific. I wish they offered complete series though. There's little sense in renting Excel Saga v.3 without watching the rest, but this is exactly what they offer. Like I said, strange! But I wish them all the best, especially now that our Blockbuster terminated their anime collection.

Anime in general is a tough market for the stores. The titles are expensive, so fewer people buy than otherwise would. Anime is heavily series-based, with a small number of one-DVD releases. Anime is vast, and caters to a wide range of tastes. So, a store has to stock an big number of expensive DVDs before a casual shopper can count on finding something. It's no surprise that Blockbuster and Target have given up, and Best Buy feels the squeeze. The only retailer in the area which flourishes is Fry's. Evidently they can afford to stock enough to break over the treshold.


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Hey, I though you might like this show. Its a epic sci-fi cartoon called exo-squad made in the early 90's. Its pretty unknown and under apreacated. For some reason I thought you would like.

Here is some backround infomation on the show:

season one:

season 2:


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