Friday, November 23, 2007

SF Auto Show

I'm just back from the auto show in SF. As usual, I have serious trouble fitting into any car, and sunroof makes it downright impossible -- except the new Accord and Ridgeline. I also like the little egg-shaped Toyota Yarris a lot. The Toyota FJ is quite nice too. It even has a volmeter.

The most fun was definitely the Mercedes commerical van which Chrysler kept after the divorce under the name "Sprinter". It was a huge step forward after the Ram van. Very nice, low floor. When I have a computer and network consultancy, I'll drive around in a Sprinter, with a ladder strapped inside.

There was also a large number of great cars outside of my range, but I pretty much ignore anything with a price tag above $32k (e.g. the most excellent Nissan Pathfinder -- way too expensive). The Sprinter was just a little above $35k, which is actually very cheap for a van.

The show runs until December 2.


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