Friday, January 18, 2008


I finally visited the trendiest Japanese place in Stockton: Cocoro (note the weird spelling, despite having a kokoro kanji at the store sign!). They do not work on Sundays.

The tonkatsu was great. Maybe not Osaka-at-Filmore great, but definitely better than average. As you can see, the presentation is somewhat simplistic, but who's counting if the pork is good!

The roasted oyster though... My advice is to pass. The mayo and cheese are too heavy, so they overpower the delicate taste of the oyster. Therefore, it's a waste of money.

Overally, I'm pretty happy with the deal. They certainly didn't make us wait for the bill to turn around, I appreciate that.

UPDATE: Imagine, I forgot to search for them on the Web. They have a website,, but here's a warning: not only it's Flash, but it's a Flash with muzak. Horrors!


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