Monday, April 28, 2008


Orchard is terrific. It's homely, yet I have to say it's a cut above, for example, Denny's or even Lake of Fire (not to knock Lake of Fire, but speaking objectively). In the same time, it's nearly always empty. Score!

I really cannot say anything bad about them, except perhaps that their onion rings were not to my taste: too industrial. I like the kind they serve in Red Robin.

One note, the pancakes there are huge. I expected the same thing they have in IHOP, but had leave some on the place.

Overall, Orchard is my favourte in Tracy, period. It's not as fancy as Magellan, but not as expensive either. It's comfortable and inviting.


Blogger I'm the FNG said...

Orchard is good for a grease spoon restaurant, but it's not even close to Lake of Fire restaurant.Half of Orchard restaurant menu Items are frozen in bags, when Lake of Fire makes every thing in house. The Prime rib at Lake of Fire is so perfect, I have never had a better tasting prime rib in my life. The two restaurants are incomparable, Orchard is a fill up the tank and go restaurant when Lake of Fire is an experience in flavors and culture. Compare frozen onion rings to humus or spanikopita...ok look them up first so you know what they are then let me know.

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