Monday, June 16, 2008

Peace and love with J&M Transmissions

As I mentioned before, J&M is an independent transmission shop in Tracy which came with recommendations when I moved in. Unfortunately, one time they returned me the car with a leak from the pan interface. Since then I replaced the ATF myself and learned how difficult it was to secure the pan over the gasket leak-free. The trany case on Galant is aluminum and it's extremely easy to strip. Sweat was pouring from me all over when the torque wrench was reching the recommended limits. The torque felt way past reasonable for such flimsy bolts. So, this time I decided to come back.

Mr. Urtega handled me personally and I confessed to him in my sins, so to speak, and asked him to make sure it was done right. He has done so, and so far everything seems in good shape. Great!

I only forgot to ask if any shavings were in the pan, too late now.


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