Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Voters say NO WAY to tax hikes

At The Rhetorician:

Yes, we California voters are to blame for where the state’s finances find themselves. But it’s not that simple. It’s easy to vote for fiscal conservatives and low spending, but even when we do that, we always get out-organized and out-voted by California’s public employee unions, including the teachers union. They are the ones who run things in Sacramento. The Legislature and the governor largely work for them and their interests.

The only way to save California now is to ban state employee unions period. The. Only. Way. Any half-measures are only going to hurt later.

"Normal" unions strike an adversarial relationships with businesses purportedly to balance interests of workers with interests of the company. But this just does not work when the unions have the official state power at their disposal. Very quickly they start using that power to squeeze citizens who are not state employees. And when they squeeze too much, the whole state goes bankrupt. That's the difference between carpenter unions and "teachers unions": when carpenting company goes bankrupt under the weight of its union, it's not a big problem. When the state goes bankrupt, well...


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