Monday, January 11, 2010

Masses turn away from mass transit in California

An article at Hit and Run compiles as list of government reports from all over the area about the plummeting ridership, as people switch jobs in the recession and find no alternative to driving in new directions (there's also a quote from a liberal mag that blames the rising prices of tickets). I imagine the situation is even worse in our sticks. I remember taking a SJ "Regional" bus route 70 to get from Tracy to Dublin BART. It only had two departures per day. Good grief!

Nonetheless, I'm quite certain that governments will continue to rob everyone and throw big sacks of money down the transit hole (instead of doing the necessary minimum to comply with ADA). They really should build more freeways. And perhaps raze the Livermore's downtown. On this note, anyone remember the hapless Richard Pombo and his "highway 130" project? How did that work out for him? Not that Pombo was all white and fluffy: he wanted to build a turnpike.


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