Saturday, May 31, 2008

Citizen cake

I may be just a know-nuthin' redneck, but I can see that Citizen Cake is overrated. It's also expensive in line with Embarcadero area places.

It's tasty stuff, I won't clame otherwise, but it reminds me of a joke. Mick Jager was the best on Earth in bed. One young lady managed to spend a night with him, and when asked for impressions, she said: "He's quite good, but he's no Mick Jager".

Congrats Kelly Vargas

An ad plane flew over my house with a banner: "CONGRATS KELLY VARGAS AND 08 CLASS". I'm wondering if Kelly is a graduate or a teacher.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tax on porn in California

As seen at Volokh. Regardless the constitutional issues, 25%?! Is there anything this state won't tax into ground?

In other news, the state headcount grew by 26,000 under Schwarznegger. Crazy! I'm not surprised they keep taxing us.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Proposition 99 versus Proposition 98

For the upcoming elections on June 3, statists filed a Proposition 99 with a language to kill Proposition 98, even if it passes. This is the oldest trick in the book. Who do they think we are? Of course I'll vote YES on 98 and NO on 99, even if we don't care much either way, because I resent being played for a fool this way.

As it happens, I know that Caltrans used eminent domain to acquire private property to build the 238 freeway from Irvington to Hayward. Lately under the pressure from envirojerks, they decided to give up on the freeway and there was a discussion what to do with all the land. I would say, BUILD THE GODDAMN FREEWAY, but it's too late. They have destroyed the overpass where 680 turns into the hills two years ago.

So, eminent domain is good when we get roads out of it, and it's bad when the government takes the property from a family and hands it over to a powerful private interest (usually a corruption is involved). The thing about the 98 vs. 99 is that they know how the current law in California is one of the worst in the nation, and that they would still be able to build the I-238 even if they operated under Texas law. So, they know that 98 is likely to pass, and thus the trick. Jeez!