Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dreams of liberal mind

I don't think I can do justice to the article by quoting it, so just read the whole thing: "The Next Slum? by Christopher B. Leinberger. It has the whole set of typical fetishes: the walkability, the rail. And the hate. Leinberger's hate for those defying the commands of liberal elite by living how they prefer is just amazing in its rabidness. He lives and breathes the dream of revenge. Certainly the author of The Long Emergency is the benchmark which Leinberger will find hard to touch, but nonetheless the rationalization of biases is in full force here.

One interesting point he made was a reference to Levine-Frank survey. It shows about half and half breakdown between those who prefer urban dwelling and those who prefer suburban life. This matches my own observations, although of course his spin between m-dashes was completely fallacious. But put plainly, it was always the case that living in a dense city offered advantages to various kinds of people. For example, colledge stundents practically have no choice but to get into dorms and rentals.

The difference between Leinberger and me is, I do not want to use the power of government to make his ilk to live in my kind of neighbourhood. But if he had the control, we'd be zoned out of existence... for the sake of public good, of course.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Hatcho is a restaurant in Santa Clara which occupies the "most authentic of the authentic" niche. They have seating with tough pillows and feet holes. The only other place where I saw it was Yoshi's in Oakland.

However, tonkatsu with spaghetti slew me. Either it's a bad lapse, or else Hatcho is secure enough in its authenticity not to follow the usual rules. Indeed they transcend the mere convention.

The filet itself was good, no complaints.